Aim And Scope

University of the Aegean is offering an eleven-day summer school in designing and developing Serious Games. Serious games have mainly an educational/training character rather than a recreational one. Their theoretical background is based on modern learning theories such as game based learning, collaborative learning and constructivism. Users can benefit from the engaging context Serious Games provide and find them highly motivating. 

Participants will go through all the steps of the development of a Serious Game (from the initial idea and setting learning goals, up to the development and of a game prototype).

No programming skills are required. 


Target groups: 

Our Summer School is intended for educators that want to integrate game-based learning in their activities. It is also addressed to ICT professionals that want to get involved in the development of educational software. PhD, MSc and undergraduate students (with educational or ICT studies) are also welcome to attend the Summer School. 

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