Course Description And Objectives

Game based learning attracts the interest of researchers and educators alike. Commercial games, such as Sim City and Civilization, are often used in education, even though they are not specifically designed for educational purposes. Until recently, very few companies provided good quality educational games. In most cases, academics/researchers or teachers wishing to incorporate games into their teaching, developed their own applications/games using a variety of tools. Yet these efforts are sparse and lack economic support. Moreover, in a number of cases, the individuals involved do not have the theoretical background which would help them to produce high quality educational games.


The challenge is to create educational games for all major teaching subjects. Apart from that, educational games have to be original, capture the attention of students and be easy to use.

Therefore, the course aims to give answers to the following questions: 

  • Which learning theories support the use of games in teaching? 
  • What is the theoretical background of serious games? 
  • What are the expected learning outcomes? 
  • What are the comparative advantages in relation to other ICT applications in education? 
  • How are educational games developed? Which are the necessary steps? 
  • How one can make educational games that are attractive to students in the way common games are? 
  • Which are the good practices in developing an educational game? How to balance educational use and fun?

Obviously, a large proportion of the summer school is dedicated in the use of a game developing tool. Participants will have hands on experience in creating an educational game and will have the chance to apply in practice what they have learned in the theoretical part. 

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