We invite participants from most academic or professional areas to join us. More specifically:

1. Undergraduate or postgraduate students, master's degree or PhD candidates or holders whose studies involve:

i) ICT studies, wishing to extend their knowledge in the field of educational uses of games or to specialize in the specific subject

ii) Educational studies, wishing to learn or deepen their knowledge in the educational uses of the technology

iii) Engineering, wishing to acquire a new tool for the design of products and parts

2. Individuals with semi-professional, recreational or other interests in the educational uses of games

3. Professionals who wish to advance or to enlarge their employment range

4. Individuals who want to have an insight in the educational uses of games



Candidates have to be at least good computer users. Programming skills are welcome but not required.

DEGSS ’15 can accept 30 applicants. In case of more applications, the following criteria will be applied:

  • Past experience in the development of educational games or games in general
  • Past experience in the use of educational games
  • Strong interest in the educational uses of games (based on data provided by the applicant)


Hardware requirements

We strongly advise participants to bring with them their laptops. They have to be good to high-end machines to fully utilize all features of the applications under study. Graphics card should be of medium to high performance. Recommended laptop’s setup:

  • Dual (or quad) core processor
  • 4GBs or more of RAM
  • NVIDIA or ATI graphics card


Software requirements

All the needed software is free of charge. The distribution that is going to be used runs on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 operating systems.


Working language

The working language of DEGSS ΄15 is English

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